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Proud Patriots VIP Club

Proud Patriots VIP Club

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You Get...

Monthly Member Credits - VIP Members get $20 in Free Store Credit Every Month
Proud Patriots Gear at the Best Prices - 20% off everything on our store
Free Shipping On All Orders - Free shipping with no minimum order amount (starting on orders placed after you sign up)
Exclusive Monthly Giveaways - VIP members are automatically entered into our giveaways
Automatic 100 Entries into ALL giveaways - VIP members get an automatic 100 entries into every single one of our giveaways
Private community of Proud Patriots - Join our exclusive VIP Club telegram group, email list, and SMS list
Monthly Newsletters - Exclusive Proud Patriots content delivered straight to you
Unlimited Skips - You Control Your Membership Need a break from the club? Just skip the month, free of charge!
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