Who We Are

Welcome to Proud Patriots: Celebrating Our American Spirit

Step into the world of Proud Patriots, a place where the love for America burns brighter than a sky full of Fourth of July fireworks! We're not just an ordinary online store – we're a community of folks who believe in standing up for our nation's values and expressing our passion for America.

We won't stand by and let these crazy woke liberals destroy our country. We're a group of patriots just like you who love God, our family, and our country! Our collectibles are more than just items; they're symbols of our deep-rooted patriotism.

Crafting Treasures, Honoring Our History

At Proud Patriots, we create collectibles that tell the stories of America's past and those who are leading our country into the promise land today. Our team of highly-skilled American artists pour their creativity into each piece, crafting unique collectibles that capture important moments in America.

A Gathering Place for Like-Minded Proud Patriots

Our lineup of items include trump bobbleheads, trump coins, collectible currency, patriotic apparel, patriotic stickers, trump trading cards, and so much more! Hundreds of thousands of patriots (soon to be in the millions) have come to love and trust our products and we look forward to adding you to our family of Proud Patriots if you're not already!