2024 Election Important Dates

2024 Election Significance

The 2024 election may be one of the most important election in our great nation's history. On one end, we have Sleepy Joe who can barely form a sentence let alone run a country and on the other we have Donald Trump, a man who is going to come in and Save America... if we make sure to work together, show our support, and go out and vote!

Proud Patriots like you need to stay informed and prepared. So we've assembled a list of upcoming important events and information for you so that we can heal this nation together.

President Trump Campaign Rally Events

President Trump's campaign rallies happen often and will continue to happen more frequently as the election nears. This is a list of upcoming rallies and campaign events that gets updated every week. 

Campaign rallies for Trump are planned with short notice, but there are other important dates that are more rock solid, like the Republican National Convention dates, primary election dates, and presidential election dates.

Important 2024 Election Dates

Primaries are another important part of our democratic process and a step towards getting Sleepy Joe out of the White House. You can view the election primary dates for each state here.

The Republican National Convention is taking place this year in Milwaukee from Mon, Jul 15, 2024 – Thu, Jul 18, 2024 where we will expect Trump to be a very important speaker to start trailblazing his way in the General Election.

America's general election, one of the most important dates to mark your calendars for, where we will finally be able to get President Trump back in the White House is taking place on Tuesday, November 5, 2024. Mail in and early voting takes place prior to that but it differs depending on where you live so make sure to properly research that if you're planning on voting early or by mail.

Donald Trump 2025 Inauguration Date

After our country hopefully makes the correct decision in re-electing President Donald Trump then you can expect to see his inauguration which will be happening on Monday January 20th, 2025.

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