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Portable Water Filtration Lifestraw


Portable Water Filtration Lifestraw



1. Provide convenient, safe and clean outdoor drinking water.

2. Super water purification capacity: under normal conditions, it can filter at least 1000 liters of water.

3. Remove at least 99.9999% of aquatic

4. Remove at least 99.9% of aquatic parasitic protozoa.

5. Reduce turbidity: about 0.2 microns of particles can be filtered out.

6. Chemical free.

7. Beverage bottles that can be connected to international standard bottle mouth (such as Coca cola bottles, etc.).

8. Can be connected to the extension of the silicone tube, using a portable hanging rope suction nozzle dust cover.

9. It can be used with folding water bag, metal climbing buckle and backwash syringe.

Water is one of the most important things you need

in life. And it is even more important in a survival situation! Water filtration is an absolute must. This Life Straw can provide up to 1000 liters of safe, clean drinking water! It filters bacteria and protozoa at a minimum rate of 99.9% and down to 0.2 microns which exceeds quality standards for safe drinking water, making it cleaner than your tap water!

You never know what dangerous things are living in the water you’re about to drink. You have to make a fire to boil your water, use nasty tasting water treatment tablets, or use a personal water filtration straw. This is the BEST option for water filtration on-the-go! Be sure to have one for everyone in your family so you are prepared for any disaster. This straw can be connected to the extension of the silicone tube, using a portable hanging rope and suction nozzle dust cover. It can also be used with a folding water bag, metal climbing buckle and backwash syringe.



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Do you use real U.S currency?

These collectibles are genuine U.S. currency that we get from a private bank partner of ours and could be spent if you wanted to. We use a revolutionary process that allows us to put a high-quality film on top of the currency which makes it appear as though this is what the currency originally looked like. This process in no way alters or defects the original currency which means this is completely legal.

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Yes, we do offer International shipping. 

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All our apparel is unisex except our tanks. Our tanks are standard women's cut. Men's tanks are available upon request.

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