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DeSantis $2 Bill - (U.S. Genuine Legal Tender)

DeSantis $2 Bill - (U.S. Genuine Legal Tender)

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This beautiful collectible shows what it would be like to have DeSantis on U.S. currency.

We use a brand new and crisp Genuine U.S. Legal Tender $2 Bill and have placed a portrait of Trump, along with his name and signature on the currency to show what it would be like to have Governor DeSantis on a $2 Bill.

This painstakingly long and precise process doesn't harm the $2 bill, is completely legal, and is such a beautiful collectible that has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. Most people who see it are completely shocked at how amazing it looks. This is truly a conversation starter, great for a collection, or perfect to hand out to family and friends!

If you're a DeSantis supporter, a collector, or want to give this as a gift to someone, then this is a must-have collectible!

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