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Trump Presidential Bobblehead

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Trump Presidential Bobblehead

Have you come across small doll-like structures with enlarged heads that usually nod or bobble when lightly tapped or nudged? These are called Bobbleheads. Bobbleheads are campaigning tool for presidential elections. In this article, we shed light on the history and significance of presidential bobbleheads especially the Trump 2020 Bobblehead.

History of Presidential Bobbleheads

In the domain of justice and government, the bobblehead of Chief Justice William Rehnquist surpassed a winning bid of John Lennon’s bobblehead which earlier held the record of the highest bid. However, as told by the co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar of National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, political bobbleheads date back to the early 1960s when bobbleheads first became popular in the United States. Regarding the 2020 presidential elections, Phil Sklar further said that the bobbleheads of presidents and candidates remain very popular, and with Kanye West’s entrance into the 2020 race, it adds another bobblehead to the previously planned lineup of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The presidential election 2020 will be happening on November 3rd and the bobbleheads for each candidate—Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Kanye West—are available for purchase.

What are Bobbleheads?

Bobbleheads are dolls with a nodding head, also called wobbler dolls since their head wobbles when lightly tapped or nudged. The heads of these dolls are usually larger than a typical doll’s head to look more engaging and attractive. When gently tapped, the head of the bobblehead starts wobbling, creating a playful effect. The head of the bobblehead is attached to the body with a spring or a hook to allow the required movement for the head.

They are usually found on the office desks and car dashboards. They are a fun sight to watch as the car moves and their head starts constantly bobbling. Other than fictional characters and famous figures, animal bobbleheads are usually found on almost every other car’s dashboard.

What types of presidential bobbleheads have been created?

From the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama’s bobbleheads with folded hands and a heart-winning smile to President Donald Trump’s bobblehead adoringly hugging the flag of the United States, so many kinds of bobbleheads have been created over the past years.

Just like stamp collectors and coin collectors, there are people who love collecting bobbleheads and keep adding more to their collection, be it a bobblehead of their favorite fictional character, sportsperson, or the president they are rooting for.

Without a doubt, some bobbleheads are too cute to not add to their collection, even if they dislike the person as a candidate.

Why are presidential bobbleheads so significant?

Presidential bobbleheads are considered a great tool for election campaigns. The bobbleheads of election candidates are made and sold to the general public. The supporters of each candidate can buy their respective bobbleheads and help their chosen candidate garner more attention and perhaps, votes. It is considered one of many ways—yet a significant way—for the public to show their support for their preferred candidate.

Since bobbleheads wobble even when lightly tapped, they keep attracting people’s eyes. It’s a great way to increase their attraction when placed at a spot which is frequented by more visitors, one’s office or living room, for example.

Moreover, bobbleheads make for a harmless play toy for kids. When the heads wobble, it makes your kid not only giggle but as they grow up, they become acquainted with the personalities that have been governing your country, hence contributing, at least, a little bit to the knowledge of their nation’s history.

When are presidential bobbleheads usually released?

Presidential bobbleheads are usually released a few months before the election so that the bobblehead of each candidate can be sold to aid their respective election campaigns.

The National Bobbleheads Hall of Fame and Museum released the bobbleheads of 2020 Presidential election candidates—Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Kanye West—in July 2020, adding Kanye West’s bobblehead to the previously planned line up of Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s bobbleheads after Kanye accounted his participation on 4th of July, adding an unexpected plot twist to the entire rush and excitement of the presidential election 2020.

What is the value of presidential bobbleheads?

Presidential bobbleheads are very valuable when it comes to choosing campaign tools prior to the presidential elections. Each bobblehead is made and designed in a way that attracts viewers and helps election candidates gather more support.

Presidential Bobbleheads are not priced too high either, considering they play such a significant role in the election campaigns and are so popular all over the United States.

Why is Trump bobblehead so special?

Donald Trump has already served a term as the president of the United States. He stands out as a familiar face in the realm of politics and government. He has already been chosen once as the president of the United States and is still a strong candidate in the race of presidential elections 2020.

Donald Trump’s bobblehead can be seen hugging the flag of the United States, depicting his love for the nation. Donald Trump’s other symbols are more in demand than that of other candidates.

Why will the Trump 2020 bobblehead be a great gift?

Trump’s 2020 bobblehead is completely hand-painted with a Presidential seal on the base with Trump ’20 written on the front of the base. The flag of the United States that Trump is holding in his arms is made of cloth and can be removed as well. The bobblehead of Trump with the American flag comes within a premium collectible display box. The bobblehead is made of polyresin material and makes for a special gift.

Donalt Trump 202 Bobblehead

What’s better than gifting your fellow Donald Trump supporter a bobblehead of him, showing that you stand in solidarity with them? Who doesn’t love to see their favorite candidate supported by their family and friends as well?


Bobbleheads attract eyeballs and thus, make a perfect campaigning tool for presidential elections. The supporters of each presidential candidate can buy their respective bobbleheads and help their chosen candidate garner more attention and perhaps, votes. Donald Trump’s bobblehead can be seen hugging the flag of the United States, depicting his love for the nation - a perfect gift for all Trump fans.

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